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  • 0.5m (20in) Short Left Angle Apple® 30-pin Dock Connector USB for iPhone / iPod / iPad

0.5m (20in) Short Left Angle Apple®

30-pin Dock Connector to USB Cable

for iPhone / iPod / iPad with Stepped


  • 1x Left-angled stepped Apple (30-pin) Dock Connector

  • 1x USB ‘A’ male connector

  • Offers 20" in cable length

    The USB2ADC50CML USB cable for iPhone®, iPod® and iPad® (0.5m) features a left-angled Apple® (30-pin) Dock Connector which positions the cable in such a way that it allows you to easily access your iOS-enabled mobile digital device in both portrait and landscape mode, even while charging.

    Plus, the USB to iPhone cable features a uniquely constructed stepped Apple Dock Connector, designed by StarTech.com. Unlike a regular connector, the exclusive stepped connector plugs into your iPhone, iPod or iPad, even when inside a protective case, avoiding the inconvenience of having to constantly remove the cover for every charge/sync.

    This durable cable is Apple MFi certified and backed by our lifetime warranty to ensure dependable performance.

    As an alternative, StarTech.com also offers a 0.5m Right Angle Apple® 30-pin Dock Connector to USB Cable (USB2ADC50CMR), which provides the same convenience as this left-angled cable, but allows you to connect to your iPhone, iPod or iPad from the opposite direction.

    Note: If your computer USB port does not deliver sufficient power and you see a “Not Charging” message on your iPad or other Apple device, you can use this 0.5m 30-pin Dock to USB Cable with the USB 2.0 Fast Charging Adapter (USB2CHADP) in order to fast charge your devices.

The StarTech.com Advantage

    • Provides unrestricted access to your iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®, in landscape or portrait mode, even while charging
    • Keep your iOS-enabled mobile digital device in its protective case while charging, with our unique stepped Apple® dock connector
    • Portable design reduces the clutter of excess cable


      • Text, work, or game on your iPhone®, iPod®, or iPad®, even while charging, without the cable getting in the way
      • Charge your Apple® devices from a computer, USB wall charger, or vehicle USB charger
      • Replace a damaged or misplaced USB cable for your iPhone/iPod/iPad

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0.5m (20in) Short Left Angle Apple® 30-pin Dock Connector USB for iPhone / iPod / iPad

  • Brand: StarTech
  • Product Code: USB2ADC50CML StarTech.com
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