Lenovo 20V 3.25A

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PC Spec


Lenovo 20v 3.25a

Input Voltage Ac100-240v
Output 20v 3.25a
Power 65w
Connecter Size  5.5 * 2.5mm
Replacement for Lenovo PA-1650-56LC PA-1650-52LC CPA-A065 ADP-90RH B ADP-65YB B ADP-65KH B ADP-65CH A 57Y6400 57Y6385 45K2225 41R4338 41R4336 41R4332 41R4327 41R4326 41R4322 40Y7710 40Y7708 40Y7704 40Y7700 40Y7696 11J8627 0712A1965 02K6900 02K6753 0225A2040 36001943 36001806 36001678 36001651 36001647 36001646.
Location Manchester


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