Lenovo 20V 4.5A

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Lenovo 20v 4.5a

Input Voltage 100-240v/50-60Hz
Output 16v 4.5A
Power 90w
Connecter Size  7.9 * 5.5mm
Lenovo Thinkpad L420, L421, L520, R400, SL400, SL500, T400, T410, T410i, T420, T510, T520, W510, X100E, 11, 13, 14, 15, E10, E220, E40, E420, E420S, E50, E520, L410, L412, L510, L512, R500, R60, R60E, R60I, R61, R61e, R61I, SL300, SL400C, SL410, SL500C, SL510, T400s, T410s, T410si, T420I, T420S, T420SI, T500, T510i, T520i, T60, T60P, T61, T61PIBM, W500, X120E, X200, X200s, X201, X220, X220i, X300, X301, X60, X60S, X61, X61S, Z 60M 252902U, Z 60M 2529E 3F, Z 60M 2529E1U, Z 60M 2529E2U, Z 60M 2529E3U, Z 60M 2529E7U, Z 60M 2529E8U, Z 60M 2529EAU, Z 60M 2529F 3U, Z 60M 2529FWU, Z 60M 2529FZU, Z 60M 2530, Z 60M 253034U, Z 60M 253035U, Z 60M 253036U, Z 60M 2531, Z 60M 25311PU, Z 60M 25314SF, Z 60M 253168U, Z 60M 25316DF, Z 60M 25316DU, Z 60M 25316EF, Z 60M 25316EU, Z 60M 25316FU, Z 60M 25316GF, Z 60M 25316JF, Z 60M 25316JU, Z 60M 253175U, Z 60M 253181U, Z 60M 2532, Z 60M 25326DU, Z60, Z60m, Z60T, Z60T 2511, Z60T 25113BU, Z60T 2511E2U, Z60T 2511E4U, Z60T 2511E7U, Z60T 2511EAU, Z60T 2511EBU, Z60T 2511ECU, Z60T 2511FDU, Z60T 2511FEU, Z60T 2512, Z60T 2513, Z60T 25136RU, Z60T 251379U, Z60T 2514, Z60T 251479U, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61TZ 60M 2529.
Original Part Numbers 40Y7700, 40Y7704, 40Y7708, 40Y7710, 40Y7660, 40Y7661, 40Y7662, 40Y7663, 40Y7664, 40Y7665, 40Y7666, 40Y7667, 40Y7668, 40Y7669, 40Y7670, 40Y7671, 40Y7672, 40Y7673, 40Y7674, 40Y7697, 40Y7698, 40Y7699, 40Y7701, 40Y7702, 40Y7703, 40Y7705, 40Y7706, 40Y7709, 40Y7711, 42T4428, 42T4433, 42T5275, 92P1104(ASTEC), 92P1105, 92P1106(ASTEC), 92P1107, 92P1108(Lite-On), 92P1109, 92P1110(Lite-On), 92P1111, 92P1112(Sanken), 92P1114(Sanken), 92P1153, 92P1155, 92P1157, 92P1159, 93P5026, AD-LE2045-7955, I42T4432, PA-1900-17.
Location Manchester


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