Samsung 19V 3.16A

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Samsung 19V 3.16A

Input Voltage 100-240v
Output 19v 3.16A
Power 60w
Connecter Size  5.5 * 3.0mm
Replacement for 530U4B-S01, 530U4C-S01, M40 VM6000, P26, P27, P28, P28G, P29, P30, P35, P459, Q1, Q30, Q330, Q35, Q40, R19, R20, R40, R428, R45, R458, R467, R50, R522, R530, SENS PRO 680, SENS PRO 850, SENS630, SENS640, SENS650, SENS670, SENS680, SENS690, SENS710, SENS750, SENS820, SENS850, SENS855, SENS860, SENS870, SENS890, SF310, X05, X06, X10, X11, X15, X20, X30.
Location Manchester


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